Bunbury Toyota for Your Fleet Needs

Building a Fleet? Speak with Bunbury Toyota

Our Toyota Fleet Specialist Department will drive your business further.

Whether your business is small, medium or large; Bunbury Toyota as a recognised Toyota Fleet Specialist can offer a comprehensive service by tailoring a Fleet solution to suit your business needs and requirements. By reducing your Fleet costs and improving productivity with our Toyota products, we become a partner in driving your business further. Toyota products and services combined provide our customers with an "End to End" solution, you handle fuel and registration costs, Bunbury Toyota will handle the rest.

Just some of the benefits of choosing Bunbury Toyota for your Fleet requirements include:

  • Toyota Vehicles
  • Toyota Finance
  • Toyota Insurance
  • Toyota Extended Warranties
  • Toyota Roadside Assistance
  • Toyota Service Advantage
  • Quality, Durability and Reliability
  • Novated Lease/Employee Packaging
  • Leasing Options
  • Mine Spec specialists

We can cater for fleet customers ranging in size from: Small, Medium and Large.

We are a Certified Toyota Fleet Specialist

Bunbury Toyota is proud to be a Certified Toyota Fleet Specialist.

"Only Toyota offers Certified Toyota Fleet Specialists. A Toyota Dealership must prove exceptional dedication before being certified a Fleet Specialist. A series of Fleet-focused criteria must be met and confirmed annually. Fleet Specialist personnel must continually prove they have the knowledge and training to provide excellent customer service.

A Fleet Specialist Dealership has dedicated Toyota experts with advanced knowledge of vehicles and efficient fleet planning.A Toyota Fleet Specialist makes better business sense for your fleet."

- Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

For more information, please get in touch with our Fleet team.


Bunbury Toyota also supply vehicles to Not-for-profit organisations. We have considerable experience in this area and can make the process quick and easy, getting you on the road in your new Toyota faster than you thought possible.

If you would like more information regarding how we can assist you and your Not-for-profit  organisation, please contact our Fleet Specialist Team.

Fleet Selection

Small Fleets (Bronze)

Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, our Bronze fleet plan provides all the services you need for a small fleet of 1 to 4 vehicles.

All fleet vehicles must be registered in the business entity or nominated leasing company name.

We're committed to delivering quality, safety and innovation in everything that we do; while at the same time finding ways to improve - you know your Fleet needs are in good hands.

Fleet Selection

Medium Fleets (Silver)

Ideal for customers with Fleet needs up to 49 vehicles.  Silver fleet plan provides you with a great range of models for your needs.

You'll have a minimum commitment: of purchasing 2 or more cars per year.  The team at Bunbury Toyota will be able to assist you with discussing your needs.

So before you speak with anyone else, make sure you get in touch with Bunbury Toyota! 

Fleet Selection

Large Fleet (Gold)

If your organisation has a large fleet of 50 or more cars, our Gold fleet plan is designed for you. It provides a premium service to assist in the overall management and efficiency of your fleet, ensuring maximum returns for your business.

The Gold plan includes a designated Fleet Representative for your company, who is on call to address any fleet issues you may have.

Minimum commitment to purchase 15 or more cars per year.

Drive Your Business Further with Bunbury Toyota

No matter what size your business, Bunbury Toyota has the vehicles to drive your business further. And when you team with Bunbury Toyota as your strategic partner, you'll maximise driver productivity and minimise operating costs.

Take a closer look at what our Fleet Department has to offer your business by speaking with our team.